Sublime Sushi

Sublime's menu is not huge but it does include two vegan maki. The Futo Veggie roll contains inari (fried soy skin), oshinko (pickled radish), marinated shiitake mushrooms, avocado, and cucumber. The other is Vanilla Potato Temp, a very sweet tempura yam roll. There is also a vegan appetizer, which is a slightly spicy seaweed salad. It's not an extensive vegan selection but it is a very delicious one, and the prices were very good, despite being next door to a barber shop that charges $17 for a buzz cut.

The rolls were $4 each, with each roll consisting of 5 pieces. They're not the tiny rolls either, it was the larger flat kind. Green tea for two was $2. In all, we got the veggie roll, the sweet potato roll, the seaweed salad, and the tea for $21 (before tip). We also asked if they had any vegan desserts and they said, "not today" which hints that maybe they will have vegan desserts on other days.

Their online menu contains more potentially vegan options that we saw in the restaurant. I plan to find out more about the tofu udon, the veggie tempura udon, and the veggie dumplings. Also it looks like you can get free edamame when you order online.

They're open until 2am.


2009 N Damen Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647
Online ordering: