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There are clearly-marked vegan options on the menu but there are also some unmarked options, so be sure the ask about it. Technically they don't take reservations but if you have a large group you can call ahead, they're very accommodating. Cash only.

La Cocina

Little burrito joint with great vegan options. Their mock meat options are locally-made Upton's seitan. The staff is unbelievably friendly and pleasant, in a laid-back way. There's awesome paintings on the walls. A few blocks north of the Logan Square blue line stop.

Soul Vegan

Soul Vegan is not a restaurant, and not to be confused with Original Soul Vegetarian. It is a producer of prepared vegan foods that are available within grocery stores, convenience stores throughout Chicago, and even the airport.


Stores that carry Soul Vegan prepared foods

Quesadilla La Reyna del Sur

This is a wonderful little vegetarian (almost entirely vegan) Mexican restaurant and juice bar. There's a huge selection and their mock meats are amazing. The super burrito is huge, it will take at least two people to eat it in one sitting. I've been known to get three or four meals out of one super burrito. They also have great desserts, like vegan tres leches cake.

website: http://quesadillalareinadelsur.com

Closed Friday sundown until Saturday sundown.

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