Wicker Park

Sublime Sushi

Sublime's menu is not huge but it does include two vegan maki. The Futo Veggie roll contains inari (fried soy skin), oshinko (pickled radish), marinated shiitake mushrooms, avocado, and cucumber. The other is Vanilla Potato Temp, a very sweet tempura yam roll. There is also a vegan appetizer, which is a slightly spicy seaweed salad. It's not an extensive vegan selection but it is a very delicious one, and the prices were very good, despite being next door to a barber shop that charges $17 for a buzz cut.


There are clearly-marked vegan options on the menu but there are also some unmarked options, so be sure the ask about it. Technically they don't take reservations but if you have a large group you can call ahead, they're very accommodating. Cash only.

Juko Nail Salon

I added this because Starship Salon referred me to Juko for nails. While not all of the products that Juko stocks are vegan, they can give you a vegan manicure on request with the Spa Ritual nail care line, which is an explicitly vegan nail care line that Juko offers.

Open afternoons until 9 (7 Saturdays), closed Sundays.

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