Sublime Sushi

Sublime's menu is not huge but it does include two vegan maki. The Futo Veggie roll contains inari (fried soy skin), oshinko (pickled radish), marinated shiitake mushrooms, avocado, and cucumber. The other is Vanilla Potato Temp, a very sweet tempura yam roll. There is also a vegan appetizer, which is a slightly spicy seaweed salad. It's not an extensive vegan selection but it is a very delicious one, and the prices were very good, despite being next door to a barber shop that charges $17 for a buzz cut.


There are a few vegan options labeled in every category. They have a vegan mayonnaise sauce also, which comes with some of the appetizers and the vegan sushi specials.

E-Wok Cafe

This hibachi/sushi place also offers vegan mock-chicken dishes as well as some veggie sushi options. In addition to staples like avocado rolls, they also have oshinko, which is a pickled radish roll. The vegetarian section of the menu offers a small list of cooked vegetable and mock-meat selections.

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